Reason My Kid Was Crying

Have you ever seen the posts going around Facebook/Pinterest/Internet called Reasons My Kids Are Crying?

Here are just a few examples.  (If you want more, you can find some here and here.)


So as the mother of a pre-toddler, I was always wondering what Josie’s “ridiculous” tantrum would be about.  Sure, we’ve had the “don’t eat dog food” and “no, you can’t go outside right now” tantrums.  No biggie.

But earlier this week, I picked Josie up from daycare, and at the stop light, I turned around, looked her in the eye, and told her that I loved her.  She said, “NO!” and proceeded to lose her mind completely.  She was inconsolable.

When I unhooked her from the car seat, she struggled away from me and climbed into the back window of the car…where she screamed forever.  I kept trying to restrain her, to no avail.

It got to the point where the neighbors walking their dogs HAD to consider whether or not to call 911.

Eventually, we made it through.  As we always do.  Sometimes it seems like these horrible moments last FOREVER!  But I always try to remember that it’s a blip on the radar of real life.  And there are always more highs than lows!

So, someday, maybe you’ll see this meme on a toddler blog:


*Update: since this blog was written, I can now tell Josie I love her about 99% of the time without a meltdown!  That’s progress!

2 thoughts on “Reason My Kid Was Crying

  1. My son cried last night because I first-off took away a foam glow stick that he was biting chunks out of, but then I gave it back and he cried even harder and threw it back at me. Sometimes I wonder what is really going on in their heads!


    • Oh yes! Same here! Josie asks for grapes. I give her grapes. She melts down completely. I guess if you don’t laugh, you cry about it, so here’s to lots of laughing at our kids behind their backs!

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