You Learned All of That from a Sprinkler?


It hit me like a ton of bricks.  This rush of wonderful feelings.  And I wished I could stop time.

My husband and I set the sprinkler up for my almost-2-year-old daughter Josie for the first time ever.  We stripped her down to her diaper (and eventually stripped that as well), and helped her enjoy cheap summer fun.


So as we ran back and forth, she learned her teapot could catch some of the water, and that sometimes the sprinkler doesn’t show mercy, and I just stood there in the back yard, soaked and happy, and realized a million things at once.  Here are just a few!

I hope, as a mother (and a human), I remember to:

  • Be Present! Nothing was distracting me from this fun, and I’m so glad I didn’t think that checking my Facebook feed was more important.
  • Be a Kid at Heart! Sure, there’s more hours in the day that I have to be the parent, but when I get to be a kid with my kid, YES!  I ran through the sprinkler and giggled more times than she did.  And I was probably more disappointed when we had to shut the thing off.
  • Be Adventurous! Adventure might be as small as putting on a swimsuit and running through a sprinkler with my kids, or as big as chasing dreams and exploring the whole wide world, but in any case, I want to keep reaching for it.  What’s more, I want to instill a sense of adventure in my daughter.


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