Never Say Never

My Running Story

Have you ever said the words, “Oh, I’d NEVER…..” The last time I said those words was actually less than 24 hours before my life changed forever.  I was chatting with a friend who had just run a marathon, and as she was sharing her story I said, “Oh, I’d NEVER run a marathon.” … and Literally less than 24 hours later I found myself signed up to run the Chicago Marathon with Team World Vision.

I signed up because my boss at Shine.FM needed someone to run for our partnership with Team World Vision to help bring kids clean water in Africa.  And to be honest, I actually got up at 5 a.m. and trained, hardly missing a run.  But not because I was excited about running, or even at that time moved to know that my running could save the life of child in Africa.  I trained because I was scared of embarrassing myself at the race.  But what I didn’t know was that, soon, my heart would be transformed from one of fear to one of faith. 

My most significant moments of faith happened while I was running.  The discipline and mental strength of training flowed into my marriage, into my work.  And I began to care about people on the other side of the world who walk more than 3 miles each day (3x a day) to get dirty water for their families.  Water that could make them sick and could eventually kill them.

And so my running story, really, is becoming about two little girls.  One of those girls is my sponsor child, Mary.


Millions of kids like Mary, who should be worried about every day kid things, instead worry not only about drinking water that literally could kill them, but being kidnapped, because the road to dirty water is the number one place girls get trafficked and sold into the sex trafficking industry.  Unbelievable!

The other little girl in my story is my sweet daughter Josie.  She’ll know what it means to be generous, to sacrifice, and to be a light to someone she’ll never meet, because she’ll see it every time I step out the door for a run.


And moms, I know what some of you are thinking – I’m not a “runner” or I don’t have time to train, I don’t have energy, I don’t have anyone to watch the kids….but I also hope that some of you are feeling that twinge deep inside that’s nudging you to do something for yourself, to find yourself again outside of your children.

So as you might be thinking to yourself, “oh, I’d NEVER run a half marathon, I’d NEVER run a marathon”….remember the old saying is absolutely true….never say never!

And for you, it might not be running.  But I’d encourage you to start watching the horizon for opportunities to say YES, that maybe you otherwise would say no to.  Adventure awaits on the other side of a YES to something that’s beyond what you think you are capable of!

To date, I’ve run one marathon and 6 half marathons…and already can’t wait for my next race!

P.S. If running a half marathon or marathon with Team World Vision is that yes for you….let me know!  I’ll connect you to some really awesome people!


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