My Most Ridiculous Pregnancy Symptoms

This Pregnancy Feels Different….WAAAAAAAY Different

Yup.  Baby #2 is in the oven.  And is making its presence known in a way Josie never did.  With Josie I was hungry and tired.  Not too bad.  Why am I surprised that this one’s different?

This baby is rocking my world in some gross ways:

Nausea.  24/7.  Am I dying?  I’m queasy and can only focus on eating. The problem?  Nothing sounds good.  Nothing.  But I’m forced to eat ‘round the clock to settle my stomach.  Bring on the saltines and toast.


Food Woes.  Because nothing sounds good, meal planning has been quite the challenge.  As a FOOD LOVER and meal planner to the max, I’m struggling.  I used to get excited about what’s for lunch while I was eating breakfast.  Excited about dinner during lunch.  Now, I snack on carbs all day and choke down whatever meal I make for dinner.  Rock bottom?  I threw out an entire pot of soup because it grossed me out for a reason I can’t even tell you.

Greasy Hair.  Usually I can go 2 days without washing my hair if necessary, but thanks to some powerful pregnancy hormones that activate some oil glands, I’m ringing wet by the end of the day.  And one look at me, and you would think it had been an entire week.  It’s nasty.  And it’s probably psychological, but I can feel the grease dripping down my scalp. 

Swollen Nose.  My nose looks fat.  I don’t like it.  Why is my nose fat?

That said, there are a few ways I wouldn’t mind if this time were a bit different.

Things I hope to be different this pregnancy: 

Energy Level.  This time around, it’d be great if I could get a burst of energy at some point during baby growing.  With Josie, every day I was riding the struggle bus, taking naps anywhere I could and going to bed every night at 8.


Nesting.  The anticipation of this whole crazy nesting thing propelling me to domestic greatness was something to look forward to.  I like being clean and organized, but it’s not really my gift.  So I waited and waited and it never happened.  Womp womp.

Patience. Towards the end of my last pregnancy, I really wanted Josie to come out and play!  I was restless for her arrival.  And although I knew it would be a permanent life change, it didn’t really hit me that once she’s here, it would no longer be just me and Ryan.  I would have cherished those last few days a little more.  But this time I can do that!  I will do that.  I will bask in quiet nights of reading or Netflix with Ryan and a toddler who sleeps 12 hours straight.   

Here’s to 7 ½ more months of any of the above!

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