When Your Dreams are Delayed

My plan was to run a sprint triathlon.  Two, actually.  Plus, I wanted to get certified as a group fitness instructor so I could return to my glory days of teaching step aerobics!


Then one day, I was sitting at my kitchen table and turned my upper body to see who was walking in my front door, when BOOM!  I tore a ligament in my shoulder.  (Isn’t that the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?  The absolute stupidest way to sustain an injury?)

And thus began the summer of pain.  Of nursing a bum arm while carrying a toddler and a diaper bag and a work suitcase and a wounded spirit.

Here I was, without my main source of self-care – training for a race!  See, when my self-care stops, I’m the absolute worst version of myself.

By the time we figured out my shoulder was torn, and that surgery would be the best option, I found out I was pregnant!  Great news…just poorly timed!


So now I wait.  The tri season has passed me by.  First trimester nausea and fatigue have set in.  My shoulder still gives me trouble.

What do you do when you have to wait on some dreams?

  1. Dig a little deeper: What’s hiding underneath the dream?  For me, it’s a desire to help women achieve healthy relationships with themselves and those around them – specifically through fitness and self-care.  Figuring that out helped my patience!
  2. Don’t force open doors that are closed: I spoke with the group fitness leader at my gym, and she said I could just apply and get trained to be cycling instructor (they are always in need of the early morning instructors. Yay!)  But when I got pregnant, I had to face the facts.  As a fatigued mother of a 2-year-old, growing a human in the dead of winter, I would not be able to tear myself out of bed at 5 a.m. in the snow and the cold to teach a spin class.  Let’s be serious.  Keep the door closed.
  3. Worship while you wait: What I mean is, while I’m waiting I can still takes steps towards my dream!  I can impact women with storytelling on a blog!  I jumped at the chance to co-host a new radio show on the most listened-to station in Indy!  I created an at-home pregnancy fitness plan to begin as soon as I believe I could do it without barfing.  And these decisions are in themselves an act of worship to the God who created me for the dreams I have now and those I don’t even see yet.

Whatever you do (I’m talking to myself here), don’t let the pause button actually power you down.  Carry on my friend!  Your dream-come-true day is coming!


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