My New Favorite Christmas Song Will Rock Your World


This is my Christmas Power Anthem.  I’m one of those Christmas criers.  From about November 10th through mid-January, I’ll cry at the drop of a hat when it comes to anything Christmas-related.  And here’s why:  During the Christmas season I’m reminded at every turn how grateful I am for so many things in my life.  And I’m looking more clearly at the joys (and pains) in other’s lives as well.

Noel, Noel

Come and see what God has done

Noel, Noel

The story of amazing love!

The light of the world, given for us


As I reflect over our year of transitions and changes, I’m remembering that through hard days/weeks and peaceful ones, God really blessed us beyond what we could have imagined.

Come and See What God Has Done:

  • A New House: we waited over 18 months in a “short sale” for this house we really wanted! And a week after we found out we wouldn’t be able to get it, we found this house in our adjacent neighborhood and were able to snag is sans realtor before it even went on the market.
  • A New Baby: Sure, I’m still growing it, but we are super pumped for Josie’s little brother or sister to rock our worlds! I seriously can. not. wait. to watch Josie interact with this new tiny one.
  • A New Job for Ryan: As I’m writing this in late November, we are still waiting on this to be an answered prayer. But Ryan was able to work from home a lot during his final days at his old job, and even got extended 2 months, which helped take the pressure off of the job search.  We’re confident the right job will come along.
  • A New Opportunity: I knew for a while that I’d wanted to start a blog, and here we are. But I was also looking for other opportunities to share my desire to encourage women!  Low and behold, I walked right into a co-hosting gig on a new radio show on the most listened-to station in Indianapolis!  Say whaaaaaat?!?!
  • A New Clarity in Calling: Ryan and I went through a workshop called Clarity in Calling with my awesome cousin Robbie, and that really helped us identify and verbalize the situations in which we thrive! (Me: storytelling!  Ryan: project work!)  This has led to great discussions in our marriage about the future and also helps us understand each other better.
  • Family: Our families are the best ever. Tons of support and love.  Tons.  The best ever.  Did I mention they are the best ever?
  • Josie: I mean, just everything. Our little thrill-seeker.  Her highs are high and her lows are low, but oh my goodness, I can’t put into words the ridiculous emotions I feel for this girl.  And watching her with her Daddy has my heart exploding.

It’s possible I could go on and on, especially in thinking about our FAMILY and FRIENDS!  The Story of Amazing Love! 

Merry Christmas season to you, my friend!



One thought on “My New Favorite Christmas Song Will Rock Your World

  1. And all because Jesus came to us! I have been thinking about the deep compassion and love that God had for us that caused Him to send a rescurer. I am so thankful! Merry Christmas!


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