When Mommy Has a Meltdown

When Mommy Has a Meltdowna poem for my kids

When Mommy has a meltdown

There may be a thousand reasons why

But one of those isn’t you sweet girl

How could you make mom cry?


Couldn’t be your hits and bites

Or your ever-shorter fuse.

Not even your “Don’t look at me”

Could cause this mom to lose


All sense of peace and self-control

All strength to stop the flow

Of tears and sobs and weeps and cries

That bring a whole new low.


When Mommy has a meltdown

It’s just best to let her be.

Let her cry into her hands

And wipe mascara from her cheeks.


Oh my sweet girl the truth might be

That Mommy’s just too tired

To keep her tear ducts locked up tight

She didn’t get the sleep required


To be the mom you need today

The puppeteer, Mr. Bear, the chauffeur.

To cart you to your many things

Might be too much for her.


When Mommy has a meltdown

She’s not at her best.

Just ask to turn on Daniel Tiger

So she can take a rest.


Melting down can be the result

Of playing the comparison game

To other moms she doesn’t know

Who seem not to struggle the same.


Other moms who put makeup on

And have their hair curled and styled

Who keep themselves put together

And of course have control of their child.


When Mommy has a meltdown

She just might need a break

A chance to rediscover

The difference she could make.


The very thing that she was meant

To be, to do, to see.

Finding this, she’ll come alive

Inside and outside her family.


So tell your Daddy or a friend

To give your mom some space.

A quiet time, a girls’ night out,

To find her happy place.


When Mommy has a meltdown

Wrap your arms around her tight.

Tell her she is doing great.

That she is doing lots of right.


That she’s the best mom on the planet.

You couldn’t ask for more.

She’s teaching you all sorts of things

About the world outside your door.


She’s teaching you to love

To be patient and be kind.

She’s the one you look up to

Who you want to be just like.


4 thoughts on “When Mommy Has a Meltdown

  1. Oh Lisa…. You have done it again! You hit the nail on the head. Your blog seems to always come at just the right time. Even though my “Little Princess” is grown, I can remember those days all to well. You’re doing great! Other moms may have their hair curled and look all put together; however, 1 of 2 things is true. Either 1, they don’t realize what is truly important and are spending their time on the “wrong” things or more likely 2, they may look put together but are just as frazzled or scared as you are. Hang in there! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. 🙂


    • Thanks so much Becky! I cranked this out this morning after a family trip to Arizona where I had more meltdowns than Josie did haha! What a mess! Good times!


  2. Persist, friend. It is worth it, meltdowns and all. ❤ It's a very healthy thing for our kids to learn we're not bulletproof so someday they don't have to pretend they are bulletproof – when no one is. (I say this as much to myself as I am to you because I don't always do the best at sharing my weaknesses with my girls).


    • That’s such a great way to look at it Cherie! As a bonus, sometimes when Josie’s loses her ever-loving mind, me crying is the quickest way she stops throwing a fit haha!


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